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Alternative Replacement Lamps and Bulbs

Alternative Lamps

Alternative Lamps are a cost-effective option when replacing the lamp in your projector and are sourced from top manufactures with a 90 day warranty.

We offers three options for replacing projector lamp

Replacing the lamp in your projector or tv can be a big expense.

For this reason, offers it's customers mutiple options for replacing their projector's lamp: the choice between a manufacturer original replacement lamp, Diamond Lamps and an excellent value, high quality original Smart Choice Lamp and High Quality Alternative Lamps. Alternative lamps are available for many projector models across 80+ manufactures.

We are adding new models on a regular basis. continues to focus on the great value and innovation of the Alternative Lamps – a perfect combination of performance and price.

Highest quality projector cages

Alternative lamps are assembled into very high quality cages made precisely to fit correctly into the relevant projectors and TV's, simply and safely.

Quality assured

The resulting Alternative Lamps modules are guaranteed to fit perfectly into each projector and carry a 90 day warranty.

Wide range of Products

Alternative offer lamp modules to fit over two thousand projector models new and old from all the projector manufacturers.

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Origianl Manufacturer

Genuine Original Manufacturer

18514+ lamps in stock for
3884 projector models.
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Diamond Lamps

Diamond Lamps
1 Year Warranty

12616+ lamps in stock for
2992 projector models.
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Smart Choice Lamps

Smart Choice Lamps

9317+ lamps in stock for
                        3404 projector models.
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Alternative Lamps

Affordable Lamps

7535+ lamps in stock for
3695 projector models.
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