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Genuine Original Replacement Lamps

We sell only Manufacture Authorized Genuine Original replacement lamps.  We identify Genuine Replacement by placing the Manufacture's Logo on our product pages. Genuine OEM purchases include an Genuine original lamp + Genuine original housing and are shipped in the manufacture labeled box. Additionally, we provide you the UPC code of the product.

All projector projector manufactures sell their replacement lamps in their company branded box. These are GENUINE lamps. Genuine Lamps are Manufacture's Original Equipment Lamps.

Be aware of companies that advertise so called Genuine lamps with descriptions like: “Replacement Lamp for Projector Model” These lamps are NOT the manufactures Original lamps.

You should also be aware of products identified as "Original inside + housing"  These are NOT Genuine Original lamps!


Why choose Genuine Lamps?

By selecting a genuine replacement lamp for your projector
you are assured the very best in brightness, color, safety and product life.

Brightness: Lamp and projector manufacturers work in a continuous development partnership to bring outstanding brightness and color to your projected presentations and videos. Every component from the lamp, through the optics, power supply, electronics and including all processing algorithms are harmonized to give an optimum image.

Color: Rich colors matter, but so does color uniformity. A genuine lamp from the original manufacturer guarantees the exact chemical mix and optical alignment to give vibrant and consistent color across the whole image.

Safety: Operating at extremely high temperatures, this high voltage, high pressure quartz and glass component is safe to be handled and fitted by the projector user, due to the scrupulous manufacturing and testing processes employed. For peace of mind, only fit genuine parts in your projector

Life: With a genuine lamp you can enjoy the full life from both your replacement lamp and your projector. Uniquely engineered to operate with the projector's electrical components, only genuine lamps can assure you full life performance and keep the projector warranty valid. offers two other choices of lamps for customers that need a more cost effective replacement lamp, Diamond Lamps and Smart Choice lamps. These lamps are identified on both our website and the boxes that the lamps are packaged in.

Some companies use the terms "Original" "Original Inside" and "OEM" to mislead you into thinking you're purchasing a GENUINE lamp. Not all lamps are created Equal! Simply put, if you locate a lamp on a competitors website at a substantually lower price, you need to ask your self one question,  Can I Trust that the lamps

Confused? It's simple really. If the price of a lamp looks too good to be true, it is! Counterfeit lamps do not perform to the same standards of Genuine Original lamps.

If you think you purchased a counterfeit lamp, let us know. We can supply you with Genuine Original Replacement lamp.

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Genuine Original Manufacturer

17835+ lamps in stock for
3799 projector models.
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Diamond Lamps
1 Year Warranty

14533+ lamps in stock for
3173 projector models.
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Smart Choice Lamps

Smart Choice Lamps

8758+ lamps in stock for
                        3331 projector models.
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7196+ lamps in stock for
3694 projector models.
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