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When considering your replacement projector lamp purchase, what is most important factor you consider before making the purchase?
  1. Quality of the lamp. ie. original genuine replacement lamp
  2. Projector lamp price
  3. Lamp availability.
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Extra Comments:

An interesting fact about replacement projector lamps; not all are created equal. We see many online retailers claiming to sell OEM replacements all the time, but you can spot these products very easily with the right information.

One way to discover whether a lamp is OEM is through the substantially lower price. If the price is 20-30 percent less than manufacturer originals listed on our site for example, it's likely not going to be the real deal.

Another way is through the UPC code. If the retailer can not provide you with a UPC code, then it's also not an OEM.

The packaging also gives it away and is an easy clue. For instance if you purchase an Optoma lamp, Panasonic or NEC replacement, their manufacturing brand name will be clearly printed on the box. Be on the look out for generic boxes because these are definitely not genuine OEM replacements!

You can check the serial number. Most genuine original replacement lamps have serial numbers on the lamp module and on the box.

If in doubt, give us a call at 289-813-2125 or contact the manufacturer directly.

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